Couple’s Suite

Couple’s Massage

60 Minute Couple’s Massage

Swedish or Therapeutic $190/couple

Deep Tissue $230/couple

90 Minute Couple’s Massage

Swedish or Therapeutic $260/couple

Deep Tissue $300/couple

90-Minute Hot Stone Couple’s Massage


*please specify if you need to be booked in our suite with two separate showers when calling to make your reservation.

Couple's Escape Packages

Choose from three luxurious packages that include a full body exfoliation treatment, a hydrating body mask, use of the luxury swiss shower and a one hour Swedish or therapeutic massage.
**You may now enjoy your Escape Package with a 60 or 90 minute Massage, 60 or 90 minute Hot Stone Massage. Prices below are for 60 minute Swedish or Therapeutic Massage, please call the spa for alternate pricing.

Refreshing Citrus Escape

Surround yourself with the refreshing aroma of orange, grapefruit and lemon.  Buff away dry dull skin cells and stimulate circulation using a blend of ground pumice, grapeseed oil and fresh citrus scents.  Allow your mind to drift and feel the stress melt away as you rest and relax in a blanket of warmth from the citrus honey body mask.  Finish with a generous application of moisturizing orange sorbet cream during a one hour massage.  Your skin will emerge revitalized and looking radiant.

2 ½ hrs   $510/Couple

Lavender-Shea Escape

To begin this exquisite treatment, indulge in an extravagant lavender and oatmeal sugar scrub.  Next experience a cocoon of warmth as you are wrapped in a hydrating shea butter and honey mask that envelopes you from head to toe.  Restore inner balance while nourishing outer beauty.  Your body is then massaged and replenished using a richly hydrating body butter cream with a delightful lavender fragrance.  Leaves your skin soft and supple and you mind calm and relaxed.

2 ½ hrs   $510/Couple