Body Wraps

Paraffin Body Wrap

Begin this treatment with an exfoliation, then soften the skin with a generous application of shea body butter. A warm paraffin mask is then applied to your entire body. Enjoy the deeply penetrating heat as you are cocooned in soft heated blankets receiving a scalp and facial massage. Your skin will be extremely hydrated and the warmth will soothe tired, aching muscles and joints. This deep heat treatment is extremely beneficial for arthritic conditions and dry skin.

60 min $110

Replenishing Seaweed Mask

Detoxify, firm and tone. Begin with body brushing to exfoliate and leave skin tingling. Next an application of a detoxifying essential oil blend followed with layers of warm, rich seaweed, abundant in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The body is then wrapped in layers of heated blankets. A soothing scalp massage takes you to a new level of relaxation. Continue with an invigorating swiss shower treatment. Finish by rehydrating with a silky body butter. *contraindicated for those with allergies to seaweed, iodine or shellfish

60 min $105

Moor Mud Body Wrap

This therapeutic treatment, soothing to muscles and joints begins with body brushing to exfoliate the skin preparing it for a thick, rich application of moor mud. The body is then wrapped in a soft, warm thermal blanket to activate absorption and stimulate detoxification while your face and scalp are treated to a soothing massage. Then enjoy our refreshing swiss shower experience. Finish with fragrant skin quenching cream to rehydrate. Not only a therapeutic treatment, this moor mud mask also results in soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

60 min $98

Lavender-Shea Honey Wrap

Relax and unwind as the scent of lavender promotes a deep sense of well-being. The benefits of lavender are too plentiful to list, but because of its calming, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties It is good for treating a number of skin and health problems. Pair this with naturally hydrating honey and shea butter and you are in for a delightful, skin quenching treat! As with our other wraps you begin with an exfoliating body brushing, followed by the application of our custom blended lavender-shea honey mask. Drift away as your therapist treats you to a face and scalp massage. After you rinse in our luxury Swiss shower let your skin soak up the super hydrating lavender body butter cream.

60 min $95